My name is Ben Molina a young visual creator from Tel Aviv. Just graduated from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Visual Communication (Bachelor of Design). I create animation shorts and mainly driven by exploring visual storytelling and unique narrative structures. With four years of experience in both the Animation and the Post-Production industries, I look for creating new works that will inspire people and iginite thier imagination.

I Tell Stories

Storytelling is my life long passion. Through my writing I try to explore different aspects of the human psyche and condition.

I Animate

Animation became my first tool of choice for telling my stories. I explore a variety of techniques 2d, Cut Out and others.

I Teach

Passing knowledge is a virtue i cherish. For the past three years i've been teaching animation and softwares.

I Produce

I produce animations screeinigs and compettions as well as curating exhebtions. check it out at the Events section.